Carpets, They’re Just Better

I grew up in the 60s when new homes came with hardwood floors in the living areas and
bedrooms and vinyl or tile floors in kitchens and bathrooms — easy cleanup and fun to slide
down the hall in your stocking feet. I remember when the first family on my block got wall to
wall carpet installed. Visiting neighbors immediately noticed all the benefits of new carpet :  the
house was Quiet, it felt warm and cozy, it was soft to walk and lay down on, you didn’t have all
those “dust bunnies” blowing around, and it was still fun in your socks because you could build
up static electricity and shock your sister.


It wasn’t long before all the new homes came with wall to wall carpet. Some even had it in the
bathrooms and kitchens. And the carpet cleaning industry expanded to meet the growing need for maintenance.

The next few generations growing up with carpet took its previously mentioned benefits for
granted only seeing the downside of poor cleaning and maintenance practices: it gets dirty,
stained smells wrong. So, the more recent trend is back to hard surface floors.

While we have trended towards hard surface floors, some of the intangible benefits of carpet
have been overlooked. Studies have shown benefits not widely known. Indoor air quality and
allergy relief can benefit from well cared for carpet.

Oriental and fine area rugs accent the beauty of our homes.

Accent the beauty of your home and improve your indoor air quality. Make caring for your fine
textiles a priority. You can have it all: comfort and beauty, and a healthy home. Call Glenn’s
Carpet Cleaning today!

Carpet It Just Feels Better!!!