Stone and Tile Floor and Grout Cleaning

Dallas, TX

What Glenn Does — Stone and Tile Floors and Grout Cleaning

Glenn likes to say, “I don’t cut corners, I clean them.” As a master of his trade, he makes sure all his cleaning equipment and products meet his highstandards.

His cleaning products and equipment are all custom made to ensure the highest quality. All are non-toxic and bio-friendly. All are green and safe for kids and pets. He double rinses everything to ensure removal of all products. When he says it is clean, it’s clean!

 Stone and Tile Floor and Grout Cleaning

Your stone and tile floors occasionally need deep cleaning, too. Glenn believes in cleaning for allergy relief and a healthy home. Hard floors have the advantage of being easier to clean than carpet and textiles. However, they also reduce your indoor air quality. This is, in part, due to the fact that carpet traps small particles such as dust and acts as a filter.

While you take care of your stone and tile floors, there is still a buildup that isn’t fully removed, especially when it comes to your grout. Get your floors deep cleaned and be sure you have an allergy free and healthy home. Glenn is an expert at deep cleaning these areas and removing the dirt from your grout leaving your floors looking like new. When you call Glenn, you know you are in good hands.

Glenn handles all his own service calls. And, remember his personal guarantee. You get the most thorough cleaning EVER, or it’s FREE.

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