Caring for your fine carpeting is essential to making your carpets stay beautiful for many years to come. Carpet cleaning is a necessary part of routine care. When it comes to fine rugs, many of my client’s ask what the best type of carpet is to buy. While this is largely a matter of personal choice, it is worth exploring some of your options in fine carpet.

Is Wool Carpet Easy to Clean and Maintain? A Carpet Cleaner’s Perspective


Wool Carpet Through the Ages—A Fine Fabric Since Ancient Times

Wool carpet is a popular choice for fine carpet. As a fabric, it has been used since the beginning of recorded history. Readily available, it is washed, combed and twisted or spun into yarn or thread. Initially used for clothing, tents, rugs and more, it has become a staple in fine carpeting. Bedouin tribes in the Middle East and North Africa still use woven wool rugs on the ground as the floor for their tents. Most domesticated animals have had their hair used for making fabrics—goats, camels, rabbits, horses, bison, llamas, and alpacas, to name a few. But sheep wool is still the number one choice for rugs and carpet. Oriental style wool rugs are continues being made the same way they have for thousands of years; on small looms by hand as a cottage industry. The same families still use the same tribal patterns they have used for generations. These hand-knotted rugs can take many years to make. They have natural variations in color and texture due to different batches of wools and dyes that are produced by the family from year to year.

Recent History of Wool Carpeting

Since the industrial revolution, machines began making fabrics faster and cheaper than at any time in prior history. The very first carpets that were manufactured by mechanical means were the Broadloom Axminster and Wilton Wool carpets that are still made today in England, Belgium and New Zealand. These beautiful, yet costly broadloom wool carpets are still, by far, the best carpets you can buy with regards to durability.

What is the Benefit of Woven Wool Carpets?

As previously mentioned, for long-term durability, you cannot beat broadloom wool carpets. They excel as the best choice for heavily trafficked areas such as hallways and stairways.

What Care and Cleaning will Help Keep my Woven Wool Carpet Looking Like New?

To keep woven wool carpets looking their best and to ensure many years of enjoyment without premature wear, proper cleaning is essential. Like all carpet, avoiding accumulation of soil by regular vacuuming is crucial for its longevity. Excess moisture from spills should be blotted up, but, for best results, leave stain removal to a professional cleaner. Additionally, regular cleaning by a professional certified Master Cleaner, like myself, helps these carpets retain their beauty and looking like new for many years to come.


Fine wool carpet can be both a beautiful and practical choice for your home, especially in high traffic areas. For their best care, proper cleaning by an I.I.C.R.C Certified Master Textile cleaner such as Glenn’s Carpet Cleaning will allow for many years of enjoyment without premature wear. Call Glenn today to keep your carpet beautiful and looking like new.